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Understand the market


  • Pre-feasibility study

Before venturing into a new market, corporations as well as entrepreneurs usually have different scenarios that they want to explore. Pre-feasibility study is extremely useful in this case in order to analyze, compare and select the best among these scenarios, one that mitigates risks and optimizes benefits.

Our experienced analysts and consultants at Dieu Kim Consulting can assist you in doing this preliminary research, undertaking risk analysis, building models to compare various scenarios, which results in information that you can confidently use to select the best idea among the ideas proposed for your new projects.

  • Feasibility study

In this phase when a company has to make a “go/ no-go” decision, it is crucial that they evaluate all relevant factors of the project before investing any resource into it, whether it’s time, budget or human capital. Conducting a feasibility study is the way to do so. It identifies valid reasons to proceed (or not to proceed) with a project, narrowing down the alternatives, providing robust data for decision-making, enhancing the project’s success rate by assessing multiple parameters, and even identifying new opportunities.

Dieu Kim Consulting provides in-depth feasibility study with focus on the market feasibility component which include industry description, current market analysis, competition analysis, anticipated future market potential and sales projections. Other components that we also take into account are legal feasibility, organizational feasibility, financial feasibility and time feasibility, depending on the nature of each project and the needs of each client.

We believe that with our support, you can make informed decisions whether or not your project should be undertaken, and in the case that it should, you will have the best preparation possible for success.

  • Market research

Market intelligence is vital for any type of business, big or small, when developing its marketing strategy because it is powerful information to have in order to make key business decisions.

At Dieu Kim Consulting, we utilize rigorous methodologies, industry expertise, most updated tools and our extensive network to provide you not only with plentiful information and robust data but clear and comprehensive insights that empower you to make the best data-driven decisions.

Our market research services include:

  • Market & Sector analysis
  • Industry structure
  • Distribution channel understanding
  • Competition intelligence
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Consumer insights
  • Customized research and analysis


Our market entry consulting service develops a deep understanding of market dynamics and maps out detailed action plans in order to help you minimize the risk of market entry failure and capitalize on new market opportunities.

What we do:

  • Initial market research: We usually start with an initial market research where we collect, process and analyze information on the size, structure, trends, growth factors and business environment in the new markets and evaluate potential future demand for the products or services of our clients. We discuss the attractiveness of avenues for growth in these markets and translate our findings into actionable insights.
  • Intensive market research: Following the initial market assessment, we will conduct Opportunity Analysis where we address the competitive landscape and our client’s value proposition capabilities in the new market and therefore, uncover information on what opportunities and threats awaiting them. A thorough Cost & Benefit Analysis will also be carried out where we help our clients calculate the viability of entering a market, estimate the costs and project the potential Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Go-to-market strategy: Based on the findings that we gain from our systematic analysis, we offer carefully designed go-to-market strategy proposals and valuable recommendations on market entry factors like timing, speed of market entry and what type of entry paths yielding the best results. Some of the market entry options that we provide advice on are direct exporting, franchising, partnering, joint ventures, buyouts, mergers, greenfield investments, among others.

What you can expect:

  • Market entry success
  • Return on Investment
  • Post-entry growth opportunities