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Market expansion

Why choose to grow your business with us?

  • A dedicated local team who is passionate about sales and is experienced in undertaking lead generation activities
  • An extensive database of distributors and buyers that has been built over years
  • Being result-driven at heart, we provide only pre-qualified prospects to ensure more effective lead generation
List buildingLead generationSales representative
We perform task-oriented research to capture data that is tailored to your specific purpose.We ensure that each data unit is relevant and unique to contribute to your business development effort.We not only provide raw data but can also analyze them to give you impactful insights.We will profile your target prospects then start the conversation with them.We will send you a list of warm prospects, with contact information, who have engaged with our messaging.All that’s left for you to do is follow-up and begin selling your product to your dream clients!You can choose between these 2 options that best fit your business goals: We act as your sales representative who introduces your product or service to specific customer targets.We support you to hire a local sales person under our payroll who will focus on full-time sales and marketing for your company.