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Enter the market

  • Distributor search

It is essential that you choose a distributor who can best compliment your sales and marketing strategy, one that you can trust as a long-term partner, because it has a direct impact on the successful commercialization of your product in a particular market.

Our process of selecting such a partner for you starts way before we assess potential distributors. In fact, the first step is that we learn about your product as much as possible, review your selection criteria and business development strategy. Sometimes, we even work together with our clients to define their business development goals for the new market. Based on your specific requirements, we screen potential local distributors by leveraging our large business networks, then we conduct due diligence to obtain necessary information in order to build distributor profiles and evaluate them.

Once you have selected the final distributor(s), we help to define workable terms on both commercial and legal ground. Some of the issues that we consider include sales regions to be served, exclusivity, cancellation terms, among many others.

  • Business matching

Many of our clients who come to us for help with business matching have experienced significant challenges reaching out to prospective distributors or customers. Some of them struggled to identify the right partners in the target market, especially in countries like Vietnam where obtaining nonpublic information is still very hard. Others found some suitable candidates from internet research or by buying companies databases, however, they were not able to find the key decision makers and their contact details. Some others managed to overcome all these challenges, yet they failed to get any response when contacting these companies.

Our professional business matching service can save you from all these time-consuming, costly and frustrating experiences. Not limited to any sector, we can help you with:

  • Identifying the right prospects that you are looking for
  • Contacting local companies to identify the person-in-charge and present the business opportunities to them
  • Arranging appointments for you via phone calls, video conferences or face-to-face meetings
  • In case of face-to-face meetings when you come to the market, we can also assist in interpretation, transportation arrangement, accommodation provision, etc. Please check our “Support service” section for more details: http://dieukimconsulting.com/support-services/

Under the umbrella of business matching service, we also provide on-the-ground support at exhibition and trade shows.